upcoming workshops with ankie daanen

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops 2019

If you have any questions, please let me know,
or contact the host of the relevant class.

Some of the Class Dolls belonging to one of these workshops can be viewed on the page:
Class Dolls of the Workshops

Port St. Lucie, FL – March 4-8, 2019

This is a New Dutch Touch Class!

The New Dutch Touch
The New Dutch Touch


Houston, TX – March 11 – 14, 2019


Chapel Hill, NC – March, one day class & five day class, 2019


West Jefferson – NC, July 8 through July 12, 2019

West Jefferson, Ankie Daanen

niada conference 2019

Niada Conference 2019

Dollmaking school – Class dates:

  • Sunday July 14 – Tuesday July 16
  • Wednesday July 17 – Sunday July 20

Registrations open January 1st 2019


Mount Vernon, NY – October 22-26, one day class & four day class, 2019


Santa Fe, NM – September 1-4

There also will be a one day fieldtrip to visit the galleries of Pamela Armas of the Gypsies in Mountainair, and a one day fieldtrip to visit Canyon Road.

Dollmaking Holiday Class in Spain – September 16/17 through 23, 2019

(More info will be published later)

Info: ankiedaanen@hotmail.com