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New Dolls

Below you’ll find the latest collection of my New Dolls. If you are interested please feel free to contact me via mail: ankiedaanen@hotmail.com


Stature Dolls




My romantic puppet on a string skirt


The Vienna Puppet on a string Skirt






Walking my bird


Festive Theater


Going Out


Happy Leaf




Skirty Theater


Special Balance


Ankie’s Dolls

Alice and Friend




Circus Chic


Mr. Something Else


Travel Girl




Smookey Guy


Flower Babe


Fairy & Angel


Bird out of the Cage


Romantic Girls


What will be her Dream?


Golden Girl


Blue Delight


Pretty Balance


Prince Toy


Unusual as usual


Let’s go Pink and Blue!


Dressed to be Beautiful!


Walking my funny Dog


A Little Girls Dream


Unexpected Pink


You always surprise me


Two Girls Next Door


Funny Girls


Just a little bit crazy …


Unexpected Friends

Dressed to be Beautiful

Dressed to be Beautiful