Overlooking Altea - Private Class Ankie Daanen

Private Dollmaking Class with Ankie Daanen in Spain

Your stay of seven days will be in Ankie´s studio and
you can make any doll of your choice!

Studio Ankie Daanen
Studio Ankie Daanen, Spain

Ankie will teach you in five days how to make a complete doll.
Beside that, there will be all kinds of sight seeing
to lovely places worth while visiting.

Overlooking Altea you will learn:

– how to sculpt the dollface and bodyparts and –
– how to paint the doll, give it its own expression –
– how to put all the parts together shaping your own doll and –
– how to finish it off with its costume –

A ´not to miss` dollmaking experience!

accomodation doll making holiday spain
Accomodation doll making holiday Spain with Ankie Daanen

For more info you can get in touch with Ankie: ankiedaanen@hotmail.com