Dolls with a soul

“Dolls with a soul! They are my passion. I like my dolls to be sad, happy and even mystic. That they give you the feeling of having a life and soul and bring to you an intimate connection, as if they are with a human spirit. I hope you will recognize this and that it contributes to the experience of looking at the dolls as an piece of art. Enjoy your visit!”  – Ankie

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funny bunny and boy

funny bunny and boy

Hello, welcome on my website!

As you might have read on the page About me I have an international career as a dollmaker. I give workshops all around the world in many different settings.

Furthermore together with my Dutch colleague Marlaine Verhelst I give a five day Masterclass “The Dutch Touch” twice a year. A reaction of one the students on this class:

“These girls make us do things we had no idea we could do”.

If you like to join a class, take a look on the page Upcoming Workshops or perhaps you want to come to Spain at ADDA.